Bacterial Vaginosis: Chronic BV Cures

Bacterial Vaginosis: Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis Solved

Bacterial Vaginosis ChronicI suffered from bacterial vaginosis for approximately 5 years or so… I knew that it was a fairly common ailment… but I felt like I was alone in trying to find a bacterial vaginosis cure!

I was so sick of my doctor giving me flagyl aka mitrodonizale… If he gave it too me one more time I was going to snap his head off!

My doc knew that it would work for a while… as did I… But then after a month or two my symptoms would come right back! It was one of the most frustrating things in the world!

I usually noticed my bacterial vaginosis right after my menstrual cycles… and a lot of times there would be a fishy odor right after sex. So… medicines weren’t working… what could I do for my chronic bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial Vaginosis Chronic Answers

So i decide to research various Cures For Bacterial Vaginosis online. I definitely discovered some interesting things.

I found out that reccurent bacterial vaginosis is often caused by different vaginal chemicals and cleaners. They tend to upset the natural PH of your body. Thats great… but I don’t think that something I can really stick with… Your kinda stuck in this situation cause you smelly fishy… and feel dirty… but you can’t clean yourself?

Lucky for me I found an all natural method to curing my bacterial vaginosis!

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More Bacterial Vaginosis: Chronic BV Solutions

Bacterial-Vaginosis-ChronicChange the type of panties you wear… That’s right… switch it up and start rocking out with the granny panties! Make sure you wear (clean) loose fitting cotton panties.

Wearing panties like this isn’t sexy… but they do help that area ‘breathe’ and they also help to reduce any excess moisture down there. bacterial vaginosis thrives in areas that are damp, dark, and don’t have a lot of air.

Also try to stay away from tight fitting pantyhose if you can. They also tend to constrict you and they cause a perfect bacterial breeding ground. If you do wear them make sure to wash them after EVERY use!

Bacterial Vaginosis: Chronic BV Solutions

Another chronic bacterial vaginosis cure is to keep clean! Always make sure to wash your hands before any sexual contact… and make sure your partener does too!

I know… kinda a pain… but keeping clean helps to prevent bacteria from spreading… and bacteria is one of the main causes of your bacterial vaginosis… makes sense to me!

Also if your using any toys :) make sure to sanitize them properly after use. Clean them off with soap and rinse them really well after use. You want to kill any bacteria that may be on them to prevent reinfection later.

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Bacteria Vaginois: Chronic BV & Medications

Medications for bacterial vaginosis are a really weird subject… I mean they do help… at least for a while. Typically they just lead to reinfection later.

When you take a medication for bacterial vaginosis… it kills both the good and bad bacteria in your vagina… That’s not good… cause you need the good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria in the first place!

So you kinda get stuck between a rock and a hard place… medication helps you for a little but… but it also leaves you super vulnerable to reinfection. So what do you do?

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